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Make Nashville Schools Safe

Instead of waiting on any gun reform legislation, I will advocate for the use of technology to make schools safer for our children NOW.

Gun Reform

I am a law abiding citizen that will advocate for responsible gun ownership legislation that does not infringe on our 2nd amendment rights. The age to purchase a firearm should be increased and there should be comprehensive background checks that keep guns out of the hands of criminals and mentally-ill individuals.

Criminal Justice Reform

Have additional programs in place for people to have a pathway from the criminal justice system to reenter society as a productive citizen.

Affordable Housing

The housing crisis is a problem for all of us. I will advocate for legislation to where cities can adopt their own policies to deal with affordable housing.

Education Reform

I will legislate every effort to make sure public schools are up to standards of every school. I will also create legislation that will prohibit racial and LGBTQ+ discrimination towards students.

Equal Opportunity

I will adopt legislation to combat the laws that Tennessee are actively enacting against minority and LGBTQ+ communities.


Tennessee State University

Fund economic opportunity by supporting Tennessee State University's campus, housing facilities, athletic arenas and event promotions.